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Turtle Sanctuary & Lagoon Trip

Living sea turtles are protected throughout the world.  It has become necessary to retrieve their eggs after they have come ashore to lay them to protect them from predators and ensure their survival.  Turtle sanctuaries have been established around the world for this purpose, and a visit to a turtle sanctuary is a fascinating experience.  See live sea turtles in various stages of maturity, and many egg nests that have been saved from the ocean beach.  'The turtle sanctuary is located near the wonders of a tropical lagoon, where the mangroves have been cleared enough for a panga to maneuver.  See exotic waterfowl and aquatic plants as you tour through the mangroves surrounding the lagoon, then stroll out to the deserted expansive beach where the turtles come to nest.  Plan a half day for your guided tour and consider adding one of the other stops along the way.   You'll come away with a better knowledge of sea turtles and lagoons of Mexico.

Also included with this tour is an informational tour of the Cuyutlan area and Salt Mine.

 Group of 1 to 7 People
 Group of 8 to 15 People

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