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Safety & Security


With recent headlines regarding the border violence along the US/Mexico border, and the travel alert issued by the US State Department, guests have inquired about safety and security during their visit to Manzanillo and Villa Paraiso.  Although we cannot guarantee your safety during your trip to Villa Paraiso any better than we could guarantee your safety to any other destination, including US destinations, we believe that there is little chance that you would encounter any reason to worry about your security while at Villa Paraiso for the following reasons:

  1. The primary problems associated with the travel alert is mostly in or near border towns near the US/Mexico border.  Manzanillo is located several hundred miles from the nearest US/Mexico border, and the travel alert that has been issued does not specifically mention travel within the state of Colima, although other states are mentioned (mainly border states).
  2. Manzanillo has been voted one of Mexico's safest cities.  Unlike most of the tourist destinations in Mexico, Manzanillo is more of a working town, being Mexico's largest port city.  Employment in the area is quite high compared to other Mexican cities, and the economy is much less dependent on tourism.
  3. Villa Paraiso is located within a very restricted, exclusive gated community.  One of the reasons that we require you to provide the names of the people in your travel party is to register the names at the La Punta security check point.  There is only one way in and out of the La Punta community and the entrance is manned with security guards around the clock, 24 hours.  In fact the security is such that when Past President Calderon visited the area, he made his residence within La Punta during his stay.
  4. If you arrange your local activity travel through Nestor, our house manager, he will ensure that you and your group are safely transported to and from your destination.  Nestor is a lifelong resident of the area and is well known by many.  He is very familiar with travel routes throughout the area.
Although when traveling outside of the USA you are always best advised to be alert, we do not feel that the current border violence will have any effect on your plans to travel or stay at Villa Paraiso any more or less than any other time.  It is always wise to register your international travel with the local US Embassy or Consulate Office in the country you are visiting.  If in the event that it is necessary for a consular officer to contact you for an emergency, or if you need to contact the embassy for any reason, such as a lost passport or other problem, it is good to have registered at the local embassy.  The nearest US Embassy is located in Guadalajara.

You can register at the US Department of State web site at http://travel.state.gov/ and click on "Registration with Embassies" to enter your travel information.  The Villa Paraiso address is located in the F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) section of the Villa Paraiso web site.