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With all of the local attractions in the Manzanillo area, you are certain to desire local transportation for you and your guests during your visit.  There are a number of viable options for you to consider for local transportation during your stay at Villa Paraiso.  All local transportation costs are exclusive to your  services  at the  Villa, and your local travel arrangements can be handled by our staff upon your arrival to the Villa.  Most visitors to Villa Paraiso choose not to rent a vehicle during their stay.  Although public transportation (cabs) is an option, we have a working relationship with a local private transportation company that offers reasonable rates, and safe and reliable  transportation  to  any  local destination.  All private transportation that you may choose during your visit to Villa Paraiso is at your own cost, whether for drop off and pick-up from a local activity or shopping, or for an extended excursion.

Private transportation can be arranged for you and your guests during your stay at Villa Paraiso.  There are several auto rental agencies located near Villa Paraiso, and our house manager, Nestor can help you make arrangements if you decide that renting a vehicle makes sense to you.

Alternatively, we recommend using the local private transportation company we have available.  Please discuss your planned activity desires upon your arrival at the Villa with Nestor, and he will make arrangements for you during your stay.  The transportation company provides safe and comfortable transportation in an air-conditioned 15-person vehicle. In fact, your entire week of activities can be arranged upon your arrival, and several "Packages" of exciting outings are available, tailored to your specific site seeing desires.  The driver requires payment in cash (US$ or Pesos) for each trip as they do not have remote access to credit card processing.

Although the cost is not included with your visit to Villa Paraiso, we will schedule your arrival and departure transportation between the airport and the Villa.  This way, you can be assured that you will be met at the airport  in Manzanillo by a professional, private driver that has experience with our clientele.   Like all transportation for your stay at the villa, transportation is charged independently from your tab at the villa.  The transport company is familiar with our groups arrival and departure dates and will provide transportation both ways at the standard rate of  $150.00 round trip per vehicle.   Vehicles have been recently upgraded to accommodate up to 15 passengers in air-conditioned comfort.

Please see the Tours & Sightseeing Menu section of this website.

Day Trip to Puerto Vallarta
The coastal road to Puerto Vallarta is a scenic one of varied landscapes.  The town itself is lots of fun, with attractions like the movie set where Ava Gardner and Richard Burton filmed The Night of the Iguana.  Spend some time bargaining with local craftsmen, and you could get a great deal on their traditional handiwork.

Day Trip to Guadalajara
This enchanting city is known as "the most Mexican" of all, and is just a short plane ride away.  Local guides are very friendly and share lots of fun and interesting information about the sights and local history.  After visiting the best churches, museums, and monuments, you'll still have plenty of time to shop for souvenirs and enjoy lunch.